Who we are

Salbashian Group is a leading distribution company focused predominantly in the Jordanian market. We believe in building brands and have a long term vision with the brands we exclusively represent in the market.

Salbashian Group imports and distributes upwards of 25 internationally acclaimed and highly regarded brands between both divisions, in Jordan and around the region. The group also employs over 170 highly trained and qualified individuals, who are capable of executing routine and intricate assignments alike.

As the regional and Jordanian markets continue to grow, we at Salbashian believe we have the proper tools and capable personnel to meet this demand in the most efficient manner. We continue pursuing our passion of becoming one of the elite distributors in the region for both our FMCG and Medical divisions.

Where we come from

Salbashian Group is a family company founded in 1947 by the late Mr. Meguerdich Salbashian, who started the operation as a photo services and equipment company. After significant success in the Jordanian market, Salbashian Group expanded its operation to include the FMCG and Medical divisions in 1980 and 1982 respectively.

Our Promise

Our promise at Salbashian Group for the past 67 years to all our partners, whether at home or abroad, has been to provide the finest quality products with the highest level of professionalism and service. This is a promise that has been sustained for many years and will continue to be implemented as future generations join our group and enhance our promise.

Chief Executive Officer
Vasken Salbashian

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